All but one of the artifacts displayed in this online exhibit are from Rich Wilson's collection. The one borrowed item, shown in the profile on Kiyoshi Kuromiya, is from the John J. Wilcox, Jr. GLBT Archives of Philadelphia housed at the William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia's Center City. (Many thanks to Wilcox archives curator Bob Skiba for allowing me to use the item.) Included in this exhibit are images of vintage press photographs from various media outlets and photographers. When the sources are known, credit is given them in captions accompanying the images. My gratitude too to those photojournalists for strikingly capturing images contributive to learning about LGBT history. Credit (and gratitude) also goes to Philly Faerie friends and social justice activists, videographer Peter Lien and anti-corporate power artist Albo Jeavons, for their assistance with turning artifacts into online images.