1942, June 1: Time: "How do you get along with girls?"

In the attemp to identify homosexuals among draftees and volunteers, Time magazine reported that the question "How do you get along with girls?" was one of the many that the "eagle--eyed specialist" routinely "machine-gunned" at the selectee during the induction physical.

The question assumed that male homosexuals routinely had trouble getting along with the other sex and, implicitly, that the unnamed heterosexual men had little or no trouble.

Allan Bérubé, Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women in World War II (NY: Free Press/Macmillian, 1990), page  21, note 40 on page 294 citing "In Uniform and Their RIght Minds," Time, June 1, 1942, pages 36, 38.