1940, February 12: Knoxville News-Sentinel, p.13

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Indoctrination in heterosexuality:
“Are You Emotionally Mature?
There are five stages in emotional growth. At birth we are in the egocentric stage . . . . . But in a few more years we extend our social horizons to include the parental phase . . . . Next we enter the gang stage where boys have o use for girls and the fair sex considers boys as simply inevitable evils on the face of the earth. . . . Fourth, we reach the heterosexual stage in which we begin to transfer our affections and interests to the opposite sex and admit their merits and charm. That is a very wholesome and desirable thing, but many people get hung up at some previous stage so that they never reach this more mature emotional level. . . . The final stage of emotional development is altruism, or an appreciation of the rights and privileges of mankind in general.”