1939, October 23: Willam Brady, M.D.: “a normal individual is heterosexual”

William Brady, M.D., "Doctor Brady's Health Talks," Paladian-Times (Oswego, New York), Monday, October 23, 1939, page 6. [This syndicated column appeared in many other local newspapers.]

Perhaps there is, after all, something in the idea that every one has more or less complex personality, a dual personality, though not necessarily an alternating one such as the Jekyll-Hyde Fantasy. At any rate there is a rhythmic periodicity in all life processes and particular in bodiuly functions. 

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The endocrinologists and the psychologists maintain that a normal individual is heterosexual only because his or her homosexual tendencies were arrested, displaced or overlaid by heterosexual (normal) inclinations, tendencies and behavior before they developed to a noticeable degree. That is the psychological view; the endocrinological or physiological view is that there is a certain amount of masculine ductless gland structure and hormone or internal secretion and a certain amount of feminine in every individual, and the predominance of one over the other in growth and development of the individual determines personality, behavior and bodily formation and mental character.

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Here again arises the question of heredity versus environment. Your ductless glands are your inheritance. Still, environment, instruction and example, early associations, the type of person the child plays with in preschool days and associates in the early teens, unquestionably have as great influence upon the personality and character of the finished job. The job is finished, as a rule, by the time the child is twenty-five years of age. . .  . 

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