1902, February 15: James G. Kiernan: "heterosexual" and "homosexual"

The words "heterosexual" and "homosexual" appear in a medical journal article on "Heredity" by Dr. James G. Kiernan. He says:

"The psychic phase of instincts so fundamental as the reproductive instinct may appear even when there is congenital absence or rudimentary development of organs upon which its expression depends."[1]

Kiernan then adds a statement using the new terms:

Psycho-sexual manifestations may remain indifferent until adolescence, may be of homosexual type (the same sex), or may be of heterosexual type (opposite sex), or may be hermaphrodidic (both sexes).[2]

Here, homosexual, heterosexual, and hermaphrodidic refer to psychological and sexual "instincts" (desires or feelings) distinguished on the basis of the "sex" of the persons involved in a relationship.

1  A Note 17 attributes that comment to Clara Barrus, American Journal of Insanity, 1894-95. RESEARCH REQUEST: Who was Barrus? Wasn't she close to Walt Whitman?

2  James G. Kiernan, "Heredity," Medical News (New York), February 15, 1902, Vol. 80, Issue 7; pg. 291-99.