1903, August 8: Alexander F. Chamberlain: “Hetero-sexual contact”

In a long essay denouncing American imperialism, published in a New York City paper, the Irish World, anthropologist Alexander F. Chamberlain includes a section headed: “The Presence of the American Soldier in the Philippines Has Been a Social Pest.” This begins:

Hetero-sexual contact means at the highest point marriage, and at the lowest prostitution. The best the primitive races can evolve falls victim to the worst product of modern culture. The soldier and the bachelor of adventure demand, as of old, the “maiden tribute” that belies alike the professions of Christianity and the decent instincts of mankind. The Anglo-Saxon is no exception to the rule. 

Alexander F. Chamberlain, “’Strenuosity’ Hell Bent; The Enfeeblement of Political and National Morality the Natural Outcome of the Much Vaunted ‘Strenuous’ Life. Modern Materialism Paganism in a Gilded Form.  Empires of Conquest Carry With Them Into the Wrold at Their Birth the Poison That Destroys Them Sooner or Later –America in the Twentieth Century, A. D., Cannot Survive by Means That Destroyed Babylonia in the Twentieth Century, B. C. ” Irish World (New York, NY), August 8, 1903: 1, 2. “The Presence”: 2. Accessed March 26, 2016 from Genealogybank.com which requires users to join to access its content. 

Information about Chamberlain accessed from Wikipedia on March 26, 2016 from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Francis_Chamberlain