People Named in Stonewall Police Documents

Jonathan Ned Katz would like information about any of the following, listed in alphabetical order:

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Castro, Raymond (deceased)

Charles, [MW?]

DePaul, Vincent

Fowler, Marilyn

Podolski, Wolfgang

Staton, Thomas

Van Ronk, David (deceased)


Police Officers

Atlas [or Athos?], Sergeant, 10th Precinct

Bellin, Patrolman, 4th Precinct

Bradley, Patrolman, 4th Precinct

Broughton, Charles, 1st Division

Burns (?), Patrolman, 4th Precinct

Carr, Patrolman, 10th Precinct

Colongelo [?], Patrolman, 10th Precinct

DeMatte, Patrolman, 5th Precinct

Graniew, (?), Patrolman, 5th Precinct

Hansen, Robert, 6th Precinct, Shield No.

Holmes, Charles, 6th Precinct, Shield No. 4026

Johnson, Sergeant, 5th Precinct

Lynch, Gail, 5th Precinct, Shield No. [?]

Mallon, Patrolman, 5th Precinct

Micucci, Patrolman, 10th Precinct

Quinn, Patrolman, 10th Precinct

Rosenblum [?], Captain, 6th Precinct [?]

Rossi [?], Patrolman [no division or precinct listed]

Scheu, Andrew, 6th Precinct, Shield No. [?]

Sternisky, Patrolman, 5th Precinct

Tembo, Patrolman, 5th Precinct

Sgt Thraick (?), Sergeant, 4th Precinct

Twily [sp?], [first name?], 6th Precinct [?]

Van Arsdale, C.Y. (?) 1st Division

Weisman, Gilbert, 6th Precinct, Shield No. 18228

Zalusky, Patrolman, 4th Precinct


Other Officials

Pine, Seymour, Deputy Inspector, 1st Division

Smyth, Deputy Inspector, 1st Division

Tatem, Adam, Inspector, Div of Licensing[?], Department of Consumer Affairs


Doctors at Saint Vincent’s Hospital

Campanella, Dr.

Donnelly, Dr.