Politics and Protests

Mayoral Forum Candidates

Candidates at the Richmond Mayoral Forum

The Richmond LGBTQ community has come into its own politically, and we make certain that our voices are heard. Today, the Gay Community Center of Richmond and allied groups host a range of civic programming designed to bring together our community members, our friends and allies so we can all work together to improve Richmond.

In October 2008, five candidates for Richmond Mayor gathered at GCCR for a forum on issues concerning our community. This first-time event demonstrated our community's growing influence.

When we are opposed - by bigots or governments - we protest. In June 2009, we took to the streets to protest the California Supreme Court decision upholding Proposition 8.

In March 2010, we joined our allies in the Jewish community to counter the hate-filled bigotry of Westboro Baptist Church. Later that day, we gathered a a Rally for Peace at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Politics and Protest

Richmond Mayoral Forum, Proposition 8 Protest, Westboro Baptist Response. Credit - GJ.

Dwight Clinton Jones,

Dwight Clinton Jones, elected Mayor in November 2008.

May-Lily Lee

The forum was hosted by television host May-Lily Lee.

Prop 8 Protest

In front of the Federal Courthouse, protesting the California Proposition 8 decision.

Cindy Bray

GCCR Program Director Cindy Bray.

Rev. Robin Gorsline 2

Rev. Robin Gorsline demands action.

Virginia Holocaust Museum

The Virginia Holocaust Museum was targetd by Westboro. Our community responds.

Virginia Holocaust Museum 2

Hundreds ringed the museum in a silent display of our contempt for the protesters.

VCU Rally

In the afternoon we gathered at VCU for a raucus, affirming rally.

VCU Rally 2

Student-organized, the rally sparked a new season of activism in Richmond.