Manhood: Puberty, Packing, and Passing

August 4, 1981, Page 1

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Letter to David, 8/4/1981

August 4, 1981, Page 2

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Missing childhood social training about how to be men, transmen have to learn not only how live, act and feel like men. Lou Sullivan's transformed the Golden Gate Girls/Guys Newsletter so that it would help trans individuals learn how dress, speak and pass in society.

Through mentoring, FTM individuals in San Francisco have not only found ways to teach each other to pass, they also help brothers who cannot afford binders or to pack to pass in society.

A yogurt lid would not cause anyone to ask questions if they found it in your pocket. But when folded it can be used to help a transman to urinate standing up.

Below is a binder from the binder exchange. After transmen get their top surgery, they share the binders that they no longer need with their brothers who may not be able to afford them or who want to try them on in order to find the right fit and size. Since binders are typically only available through mail order, it is difficult for transmen to find the right binder.

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Lou Sullivan on the Cost of Manhood

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Voice Tips for the FTM
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Cartoon on Manhood
Cartoon on Manhood: FTM Issue 26 Feb '94
Homemade Urination Aid, 1
Yogurt lid urination aid
Homemade Urination Aid, 2
Yogurt lid urination aid

Hand-me-down binder

Mango Soft Pack

This soft pack allows transmen to urinate standing up.

Soft Packs

Soft packs

FTM Issue 11

FTM Issue 11: "The Transitions from Boyhood to Manhood Discussed"