Gateway: FTM Mentoring Through Newsletters

March 4, 1980, Page 1

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Dear David: 3/4/1980

March 4, 1980, Page 2

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Gateway: The Newsletter

Despite it's name, the Golden Gate Girls/Guys' (GGG/G) newsletter is almost entirely focused on the needs of MTF and transvestite readers. The address label on the first few issues reads "Golden Gate Girls." Written much like a small town newspaper, Gateway seems to be primarily focused on encouraging transwomen and transvestites to attend gatherings and get togethers. Volume 1 of Gateway is dedicated almost entirely to status updates about the jobs and health of its members. Yet, in the entire first volume, only one male name is mentioned.

Lou Sullivan's Influence

Visually, it is easy to see the moment that Lou begins editing the newsletter. Here you can see Volume 2: Issue 1.

Gateway, Issue 1


In addition to a more professional look, Lou adds parity to the information. If an issue would focus on passing tips for (trans)women, the next issue would focus on (trans)men. (Examples of these articles are throughout the exhibit).

While editing a newsletter, may not seem like a huge contribution, Lou transforms Gateway in a way that will forever change FTM mentoring. so that trans individuals can still obtain the information about how to successfully pass without personally attending group gatherings. This change in the newsletters transforms them from the small town newspaper format to a tool for mentoring that trans individuals could use internationally.

TV Repair Cartoon
Gateway, July 1979, Page 1


Gateway, July 1979, Page 2
Gateway, July 1979, Page 3
October 21, 1980, Page 1

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October 21, 1980, Page 2

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October 21, 1980, Page 3

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October 21, 1980, Page 4

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FTM Newsletter Mailing Party

A letter stuffing party to mail the FTM Newsletters.