The contest was replaced in 1973 by the founders of Data-Boy, Saul (Fat Shirley)Sufron, and EntertainmentWest magazines, working with Barnett and Charles with the Groovy Stud Contest. The first Groovy Stud contest was held July 21, 1973 at the Mayflower Balloroom in Inglewood California for an audience of 450 with 32 contestants entering. The winner that year was 26 year old Bill Shepard, who was sponsored by the Kingmasters Social Club.

By 1974, the winner of the 1971 contest was under charges for kidnapping and rape of several girls, which led to some tarnishing of the contest title.

By 1975 the event had changed to the title of California Groovy Guy Contest. That year Cal Coburn and C/C Productions produced the show and held it at the International Hotel in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 31. There were 26 contestants that year (with their sponsors in parentheses)

Hank Russell (H.E.L.P. Los Angeles)
Dell Duff (Mike's Corral & Fist-A-Cuffs, Long Beach)
Jimmy (Buzzby's, San Francisco)
Lynn Lloyd (Kelly Bray, Hollywood)
Dean (Longhorn Saloon, Hollywood)
Greg Colb (Cabaret, Hollywood)
Craig Bowman (Serpent '8' Club, Burbank)
Wayne Finks (Pacific Coast Times, San Diego)
Don McClintock (Pit Stop, Gardena)
Ron Raz (The Windjammer, San Francisco)
Michael Daniels (Jac Masters, Los Angeles)
Ral Majal (SPREE & Newswest, Los Angeles)
Steve Bailey (C.I.E. Royal Court, Pomona)
Tony (Zelda's Corte Madera)
Jim Dion (The Store, North Hollywood)
Bruce Anderson (Party Room & Mardi Gras Motel, Palm Springs)
Neal Ahlfinger (G.G.R.C., Los Angeles)
Louie Young (Garden District, Hollywood)
Don Schultz (Alibi East, Pomona)
Lance Strugar (River Club, Los Angeles)
Bill Dean (Data-Boy, San Francisco)
Dale Layne (Studio One, Hollywood)
Lowell Gray (Waltzing Bugle, Los Angeles)
Rich Talal (The Annex, Inglewood)
Jimmy (Zero to Success, Hollywood)
Jim Standridge (Ball Express Picassos's, San Diego)

The contest that year featured: Pre-Show Entertainment featuring Go-Go Dancers; "Competition in jeans and CALIFORNIA GROOVY GUY Tank Tops"; "Competition in swimsuits").